The Real Football Factories Worldwide – Episode 3 of eight – Italy about danny hazardous hooligans kind italy the are juventus & as roma & lazio roma

  1. @hamannmc
    The Roma fans sing Non MollarLO Mai in stead of Non Mollare Mai
    I’m not Italian, but I think it is indeed a sarcatis way of ‘Mollare’

  2. 2:22 is a Roma song.. It’s Lazio who change the words to “Odio Roma” ie. I hate Roma. 4:35 is just a generic chant, a lot fans sing it eg. Fiorentina will change it to “Aleee, forza viola-ee, forza viola-eeee, forza viola-ee….” Pwopah nawty.

  3. @h5standing
    i don’t know for 4:35 , but on 2:22 roma fans singing lazio song,probably sarcastically… i’m serbian but i know for some Lazio songs

  4. they showed roma fans singing it but dunno the history of the song its the one where they show the guy singing it on 2:22

    what are the words for it???

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