1 of the very best performances from Beckham although enjoying for AC Milan. I hope you take pleasure in!
Video Rating: four / five

  1. am a fullback and i wish i could learn beckham’s technique so that i can deliver dangerous balls on my crosses. that would add so much to my game. trully an artist of crossing.

  2. @Mangosuxcok because beckham position in front of opposite backs n passes to his friend on the back ,not front of him

  3. @Mangosuxcok Because its not offside if you are behind the ball when the ball is played, even if all the defenders are behind you

  4. Yeah man, I’ll buy the T-shirt! Becks still is and always will be an awesome player. Would love to see him at the Lane…

  5. nice video. shows that becks can still do a job in the top flight. he was never about pace and taking on the fullback like a gareth bale type. he’s all about unreal workrate, great touches and sublime passing. and his finishing is pretty good too. looking forward to his loan move – i might get to see him if he goes to spurs by next week!

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