1. AzzurroVincerebbero

    As far I am concerned, and as far as I can remember, Giuseppe Signori and Gabriel Batistuta were the two best strikers in Serie A in the 1990s, besides maybe Marco van Basten, who was on the injury trail in the early 90’s though.

  2. @FZisback4football no problems, im glad u understood that i was not trying to be an ass hole or anything like that and as i said earlier on i really do enjoy ure videos, im a madrid fan , but always followed serie a way back in d 90s when it was the strongest league…footages of fiorentina lazio parma the big 3 and d likes brings back memories

  3. @el84oro It’s OK, I accept constructive criticisms. The only excuse I can bring is Youtube Audio Swap. For example, all the “Italian Serie A Top Scorers” series has AudioSwap songs. You can imagine the reasons…Many other videos of mine are with song chosen by me, and in those cases the fault is mine. It’s a question of taste or, as latin said, “de gustibus non disputandum est”.

  4. honestly i love ure videos and ure channel , i hate to say this mehn, and i know we all have different tastes, to each his own, but the background music u have on the videos are really awful, especially considering its a football video, once again, please dont take it the wrong way, im not like others who just want to bash or offend people, i seriously like the efffort and time u put into these videos, but the music kinda brings one down. thx.

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