Veron,1 of the best football player in the planet. This video clip is about his objective in Lazio. Hope you take pleasure in it. Now he is in Inter Milon

  1. @asherb89 yea completly ask people who dont pay attention to the prem and they think veron is amazing. as someone who does or a united fan and they think worst signing ever. We didn’t even care when he went the chelsea!!! infact we were laughting that they took him off our hands he failed there just as much as he did a united!!

  2. sera la mas competitiva pero la mejor liga del mundo es la española……el barcelona da catedra de futbol cada vez que juega

  3. @bluepassionGR but football originated in ENGLAND. p.s. i dont think very is amazing he is just ok, my reason is that he wasn’t good enough to play in the most competitive league in the world(english premier league)

  4. Lazio’s colours of white and sky blue were inspired by the national emblem of Greece, due to the fact that Lazio is a mixed sports club this was chosen in recognition of the fact that the Ancient Olympic Games and along with it the sporting tradition in Europe is linked to Greece.

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