The Real Football Factories Global – Episode three of eight – Italy about danny dangerous hooligans type italy the are juventus & as roma & lazio roma

  1. @2IntelCoy Thats mainly because in Modern times the UK Police force have done exactly the right things to stamp down the Hooligans. All the real firms had lost their touch by 1998. They are all middle-aged with beer bellies and all they ever do is drink Guiness and shout a lot. Back in the 80’s it was really bad, but now there are almost no Casuals left. Only drunk people who can’t take it when they lose.

  2. @whitebison66 – wel the english hated italians after you slashes/stabbed dozens os liverpool fans in rome the year before. u tried it again but there was the same numnber of Liverpool and u did the usual italian thing and run. thats what killed those peole. cowardice. which is what italians are famous for.ww2 etc….

  3. @2IntelCoy -lol, all that were there were our scrarf wearing men. try coming and walking around the streets ofliverpol andsee how you fair!

    Liverpool is a rough old town that would sort out syber warriors like you easily.

    u saw what happened,sad as it ws,when you took liberties the year before in rome. 38 paid the price for that act of utalian cowardice. cowardice si what all of europa associate it with.ww2 was italy at its worst. change sides and run away. cowards and scum . cyber warrior

  4. we’ll never forget the death of 39 civilians and not hooligans or ultras!!fuckin liverpool cowards…and that guys,isn’t the real boss of drughi,and drughi isn’t the hardest group in our stand….viking juve are soo much worse…

  5. @osdorpboy so shut the fuck up ..ahahah, no I’m joking ..seriously, I’m sorry for you mate. Anyway, maybe you don’t know the ultras situation in italy ..expecially if you faced inter or juve ultras..

  6. @2IntelCoy

    liverpool bitches listen here you gimp you lot run away you only attack if there is only one or two fans on there own typical italians you were the same in the war fucking faggots

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