1. The only reason football hooligism is worse in other parts on the world
    rarther than england is because england invented football and therefor more
    boundries were but in place to stop it here. If we wernt so big about
    football we would have ao of the worst hooligins in the world!!

  2. hdes hades hodes, lAvidia no es esso, waken to the ancient teachings while
    looking forthwith

  3. share your thoughts well and with greater means, to me and you is simple
    and souly worthy of contemplation. i could know you and others like a man
    provided with scissors and nives k

  4. share my thoughts you say, ok, I think you are a selfish, egotistical,
    casino ruling, couple unforming,love destructing, pain inducing, worthless,
    false and softess, brainless, least advanced,less hillarious society a
    human has yet to destroy

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