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Recently, the CEO of Milan, Adriano Galliani with the has mentioned publicly that the group recognized the growth of Ajax magic left as the “football market place,” says the prepare to strengthen Hong Heijun also only line of defense right here, Radu defense flexible Lazio, Milan also observed for the firm contract with Ajax expires in the summer season, freedom of the left is anticipated to join the summer, but the Milan region hope to take part below the command quickly, even a little quantity of the price paid, Liya Ni addition, he explained: ” will be our player of the month of July, but we like that right away.” And ahead of the signing Kelixituo Ziegler Galliani with the said publicly and not to join Milan, but not improve the total flow in winter the probability of reinforcements. Kelixituo is due to a worth of a single of the large esteem of Genoa (Gazzetta dello Activity, the argument is handed to 1,800 million euros), whilst transfer negotiations Ziegler, Milan and Sampdoria are stagnant, the Milan provides 270 million, three.five million sale cost and circumstances Samp not make concessions, but then the resources of Italian media, Ziegler is a lot more most likely to change in Lazio, while spots of curiosity, which even more strengthens the body of the Blue Eagle defense, run basic, Radu defense soon after its final vacation spot.Romanian international flexible defensive call, also competent for the position of left again and central defender, left the door manage, so this season has been a partner with Radu fifty percent Biała At 1st, steady efficiency and has played in 17 games previous season, starting up every single game and play on consecutive nights, Lazio this season with just 18 clean sheets, and Milan and Sampdoria at least team loses the ball from side aspect, Radu refused. Previously, Ladue has also acquired the favor of Juventus, Juventus Sissoko as currency exchange, even with the hope of introducing this line of flexible, but refused Lotito with the Inter Milan Football Shirt.”Football Market” that the existing provide from Juventus in 1500 in millions of Radu, which is obviously unacceptable in Milan, in the hope that the Rossoneri approximately twelve million euros in the cost of introducing Radu. Milan’s defense today in a combination of Nesta, and Silva is really excellent, however, typically, but plagued by injuries and has 34 many years of age, Nesta, Bonera, Yepes, Papa et process embarrassing to equally of Milan always has been keen to come across a suitable successor, David – Lewis is a extremely common selection with Milan, but the Brazilians will not fall beneath 20 million euros, in contrast, Radu is undoubtedly a far more rational and He also certified for the left, with the formation of this aspect of the doubleinsurance, with problems for years left the board short Milan might be capable to solve. The timing of the introduction of Ladue, “Football Market” is pointed out, but according to Milan’s winter price range, launched in January this was unlikely to be the greatest time to purchase Radu, while Iraq Rossoneri with the Inter Milan Football Shirt also spend rates 24 million transfer cloth can be expected in Milan this summer season relates to small money.

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