1. is similar to iniesta’s goal and better, and this is one of his first goals hes scored for chelsea, iniesta just stands there and takes a shot, lamps runs diaognally and spins a shot!

  2. Semifinals – Champions league – Last seconds running out, top corner against one of the best keepers in the world (Cech) and against a packed defence with 11 men behind the ball (Chelski).

    Iniesta’s GOL is better.

  3. Since when did this turn into a Lampard-Gerrard debate? Scousers piss off this video has nothing to do with your club.

    Lazio always welcome at the Bridge

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  5. Can u tell me WHEN did he score this goal? Which date correctly? I know it was season 2003/2004 in groups… But when? Please

  6. Gerrard doesn’t have the class Lamps demonstrated here. He basically floated that ball into to top conner by striking across the ball, made it look absolutely easy. Now Gerrard certainly has more power but Lamps has better creativity.

  7. oh yeh i forgot 2 mention Gerrard is more of an influential player n when it comes 2 da big games he pulls of somethin jst like in da champions league n fa cup finals…..so i think Gerrard is way better den Lampard…….plus lampard gets booed by his own English supporters

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