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The 27-times champion of Serie A, Juventus, has climbed to the second spot of the table in the Lega Calcio by defeating Reggina 4-0 on Saturday. With this win Juventus added three more points to the table, having a total of 27 points. For its part, Milan was defeated by Palermo 3-1 and lost its second spot due to goal difference against Juve. This is also the victory number eight on 14 matches at Serie A for Juve, which currently holds a record of 8 wins, 3 losses and 3 ties in the Serie A.

In Saturday’s game Juventus played in an amazing way and broke Reggina’s defense into pieces. Camaronesi scored the first goal to put up Juve in the game. Later, Amauri and Chiellini scored another two great goals and finally Del Piero ended the massacre at minute 74 with a penalty; which also became his 250th of his professional career at Juventus and also his 50th penalty with the club.

On the other hand, Coach Ranieri is very delighted with the team’s performance and expressed that he will like to see his team playing consistently that way the whole season. However, he knows this only can be accomplished by working hard mentally and physically with his players. Ranieri recognize that Milan and Inter are the favorites for the Serie A title, but he desires to make things difficult for the two teams and maybe battle for the title if his team keeps pace. Even so, he doesn’t want to make arguments about getting the title, he just wants his team to play at the top of their abilities.

“We want to improve on our third-placed finish last season. Juve will not give up a millimetre in the race for the Scudetto” said Ranieri. He also added that Inter, as the title holders, are the ones with the pressure to win. “Inter and Milan have to win the title, whereas our role is to cause them all sorts of trouble. Anything more is a bonus,” said the coach of Juventus.

Juventus definitely is playing great football this season and it’s having a great moment in the league right now. Unquestionably, Del Piero is making a great contribution to the team with his great offense attack and the return of Camaronesi has also given balance in the midfield; as well, the contribution of Buffon as the goalkeeper helping at defense has made the team more confident of their capacity.

The next match of Juve will be against Lecce on December 6th. Lecce is currently 16th in the table with 13 points and they are getting prepared to the battle. Juve for its part will want to keep pace with Inter and win this game. This victory would be a very important one for Juventus, due to the fact that if Inter lose or tie their next game against Lazio, Juve will have the chance to get closer to the Inter’s first spot. We hope to have a great football weekend with the next Italian Serie A fixtures.

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