www.irriducibili.eu The arrival of the Irriducibili During a Lazio-Padova match in 1987, a ten metre long banner announced the arrival of a new Ultra group on the scene, Irriducibili Lazio shaped by Antonio Grinta. Irriducibili rose to electrical power in the Curva Nord and revolutionised the way Lazio fans supported their aspect. No a lot more drums were used but English chanting types had been adpoted. This contrasted greatly with the Italian model of the Eagles Supporters, and by 1992, Irriducibili have been by far Lazio’s most strong group as the Eagles Supporters disbanded. With the arrival of new president Sergio Cragnotti, Lazio certified for European levels of competition turning into one of the world’s strongest groups. In the course of this time period, Lazio ultras shaped shut ties with both the Interisti and Veronesi. In addition to this relationships with supporters of True Madrid, Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain developed. Travelling numbers did not drop from the outdated days though, as roughly 4000 travelled to Dortmund and Vienna, 20000 to Paris, 15000 to Birmingham for the 1999 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Last and 10000 to Monaco for the UEFA Supercup regardless of only currently being allotted 3500 tickets.