A clip of italy’s very best player in the last ten many years with the best of totti so far which includes the derby Roma v Lazio 2005/2006.
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

  1. well, i don’t want to correct u there Rosi82, but totti has not been one of the best italians in the last 10 years. He has Been the best, and he’s a legend now.

  2. @Ho0dz89 I don’t think it was, to be honest. I think the penalty was the most ridiculously over-complicated and anti-Dutch style goal ever. It was cool as a party piece but stupid and almost smug. A smart penalty is Djalminha vs. Real where he completely tricks Cassilas with his elastic body and sends him into a full on dive as the ball floats down the middle. 😉 Smartest goal ever though is Matt Le Tissiers famous freekick. Pure technique and imagination.

  3. Aw man I was getting scared that you didn’t put the Camera shooting part.. Totti owns. 🙂 He won Golden Shoe (or whatever’s it called) with metal plates in his foot…

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